Our Purpose

To be the premier Gastroenterology practice in Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) by addressing each individual patient problem and improving their quality of life by delivering quality healthcare services, treatments and management.

Our Goal is Improving Life

We Aspire

  • to provide premium gastroenterology services for our patients by caring for our patients in a safe, compassionate manner by providing evidence-based medicine.
  • to meet patients needs and strive to provide quality services to our patients. Our patients and their needs are the focal point of every decision and action we take.
  • to do this by striving for excellence in understanding, anticipating and serving our patients.

Why Choose Palmetto Gastroenterology & Hepatology?

It is easy to assume that all physicians and practices deliver the same high quality medical services. In fact, many people select a doctor simply by using their insurance directory to find a medical practice in a convenient location.

But how can you be certain you have chosen one of the best medical providers for your GI care?

At Palmetto Gastroenterology & Hepatology (PGH) our Gastroenterologist is Board-Certified with three years of GI training in addition to internal medicine residency. Gastroenterologists receive specialized training in endoscopy, a diagnostic procedure which uses flexible, lighted tube with a built-in video camera to examine the inside of the digestive/intestinal tract. Studies have shown that Gastroenterologists perform higher quality Colonoscopy screenings and other consultative services when compared to other types of physicians. While non-gastroenterologists are more likely to miss Colo-rectal Cancer during Colonoscopy than Gastroenterologists.

At PGH, you can be confident that you will receive premier medical care for all types of digestive system diseases and conditions.

Remember Experience Counts!

The amount of experience your doctor has treating certain conditions is a good indicator of results. In other words, the more experience, the better the results.

At Palmetto Gastroenterology & Hepatology we provide care to almost 4000 people; every year; with digestive disorders and conditions, including Hepatitis, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Abdominal Pain, Celiac Disease, Reflux Disease and Esophageal Disorders.

In the same way the more experience your doctor has in performing specific procedures like Colonoscopy and Endoscopies, the better the results. According to American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, a physician should perform at least 100 Colonoscopies annually. At PGH our Gastroenterologist performs more than 1000 of these procedures and 750 or more Endoscopies annually. Collectively more than 40,000 procedures have been performed by our Gastroenterologist over the years.

At Palmetto Gastroenterology & Hepatology (PGH) we pledge to practice evidence based medicine. This means that we incorporate national guideline and best practices into all our patient care decisions.